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BuyMax Alliance® Members Save on the Top 40 Most Purchased Items

We know what you’re thinking. You want to save money on the materials you buy more frequently than on occasional purchases. Think about it – what do you purchase in larger quantities and more often than anything else? Do you have a “Top 40” list? We do!

BuyMax Alliance has studied the purchasing patterns of our members and with the help of our vendors, we have identified the most commonly purchased products. Why is that important? Because we want to offer a special promotion to our members that is unlike anything offered anywhere else in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades.

BuyMax Alliance has identified these products and has negotiated with our vendor partners to give you substantial discounts on each product. For example, here are a few products on the list:

  • HVAC – Condensate pump, relay/start cap, transformer
  • Plumbing – Stainless steel hose, flexible anode rod, fill valve
  • Electrical – Surge protection, dimmers, bulbs  

And there are many more items on the list – items that you buy on a regular basis. The savings on these products range from 10% to 39% off the regular price.

This is just one more reason – among many – to join BuyMax Alliance today and start saving money immediately. You see, we do know what you are thinking!